Ace Trucks Digital Media

I helped out at Ace Trucks with their Digital Media in 2019. I handled their social media, created content and worked on initiating marketing initiatives. I worked with Ace “Pilots” to get a video program going and was able to help grow their following on various platforms.

Jason Adams was happy to go out with me to film some curb skating to start off this video project with the first of the Ace Pilot Series I got to work on. Jason is one of the best dudes. So talented and legendary.


Justin Strubing has one of the best styles in skateboarding. What an honor it was to get to film him at Derby Park in Santa Cruz. I also got to work with the band “Salas” to get the music for this spot.

Brad McClain is an amazing transition skater. He was in town and I took advantage of the opportunity to meet him and film this part at the Beeble Bowl. Dude handled business.

I got footage from Japan of this very stylish skateboarder, Shogo Zama. Editing this piece together was fun because he looks so good on a skateboard.

Coordinating foreign “pilot” footage to come in for this project proved to be tricky and quite time consuming. Different frame rates and aspect ratio’s proved also be an interesting task, but stoked it came together and was able to make Ace’s first “Flight Log” with German riders Jost Arens, Kenny Hopf, Nizan Kaspar and Tim Rebensdorf.

Eli Williams is one of my favorites on the Ace Squad. He traveled with some friends throughout the Pacific Northwest and heavy Skate enthusiast, Matt Ward, was able to supply some raw clips of Eli. Editing this one was a treat such a treat due to all the great footage supplied.

Leon Chapdelaine reached out to me to let me know that he was sitting on some footage. We worked together and made this edit happen.

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