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Racket Mag Interview

Photo: Wes Tonascia.

RacketMag’s Wesley Miller interviewed Matt Eversole and talk Sellerdoor.

Coming across Sellerdoor for the first time, you’re likely to have one of those “man, why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Aside from the skate shop wall or some good luck on Instagram, finding solid new skateboard art and indie brands has always been a shot in the dark. By the same token, keeping up with the folks whose product I’m already stoked on takes some extra leg work too, as I have to follow endless different Insta accounts. On the other hand, as an emerging artist or brand with solid product, getting folks like me to know that you exist is an uphill struggle as well – there’s a lot of noise in skateboarding right now. Similar to Etsy made for skateboarders, Sellerdoor brings those worlds together: we see the art and the brands all in one place, and they get to be seen.

So it goes with solid entrepreneurial ideas, right? There’s a solution to a common problem, but it takes the right people to see it. In this case, those people were veteran Tiltmoders Matt Eversole and Ryan Adams. You’re probably already familiar with Matt – the guy who, in between doing a whole bunch of other stuff in skateboarding, manned the helm at enjoi for over ten years, after MJ stepped away. Simply put, Matt was at the forefront of much of the skateboarding that we grew up loving – the Tiltmode videos, all those classic enjoi ads, Bag of Suck, and innumerable projects in between. And, if you studied the Tiltmode videos like my buddies and I did, then you probably remember Ryan as well. Matt sat down with us to chat about how Sellerdoor works, skateboard marketing in 2019, and some of the new brands popping up that he’s hyped on. For the skate nerds out there, he answered a few enjoi questions as well.


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